Privacy Policy Statements

Purpose of Collection

  1. The personal data provided by means of this form will be used by the Hong Kong Library Association for membership-related-services.
  2. The provision of personal data by means of this form is voluntary.  If you do not provide sufficient information, we may not be able to process your applications/update your record.
  3. Any material falsification or omission of information may result in the Association's refusal for membership application.

Classes of Transferees

Personal data held by the Association relating to members and applicants will be kept confidential but may be disclosed to:

  1. any person who owes a duty of membership service or confidentiality to the Association;
  2. public or private organizations for the purposes of verification of membership with the Association.

Access and Correction of Personal Data

As a data subject, you have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data relating to you.  Request for access or correction of data should be addressed in writing to:

Honorary Secretary

G. P.O. Box No. 10095
Hong Kong

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